The story sees the player on a train ride from California to Chicago, where they meet another passenger and can decide how to interact with him at a turning point in both of their lives.
Taking notes on a kick-off call, project info was entered into Asana and a schedule for deliverables was laid out.
After research and brainstorming, I created thumbnail logos using pencil and paper. From there, I took the strongest sketches and created first draft Adobe Illustrator roughs to collect into a client presentation PDF. Since our voice meeting opportunities were limited, I provided descriptions and potential directions for refinement.
The client chose his favorite concepts and provided feedback via Asana. With deepened insights from the client and into the game, I presented updates to his four choices; continuing to experiment within the chosen themes to keep with the spirit of the project.
After a few days of review and some outside perspectives brought in by the client, a final logo selection was made…
A final QA review was done, and very minor adjustments were made to make sure every character and element were properly distributed and aligned. A variation of the logo with white text was made to work on dark backgrounds, RGB / CMYK colors were denoted as part of branding delivery, and an animation was created highlighting potential usage.
The game, published by Midboss, is coming soon in 2023 on Steam.

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